Law is twofold – natural and written. The natural law is in the heart, the written law on the tables. All men are under the natural law.

Saint Ambrose

As the syndicate’s toxic injection campaign continues to run its course, it’s clear that, at least in the U.S., the citizens are now divided into two distinct groups – those who have placed their unwavering faith in the state to be a friendly and faithful steward of their health, security and survival, and those who haven’t. Those who have allowed the state to invade and render toxic their physical being, and those who haven’t. Those who now suffer deep toxic injection regret – for a variety of reasons, and those who don’t. Going forward, this makes for a very volatile and dangerous societal dynamic. Every single one of us is now faced with a choice: do I support the right of the state to inject an individual with any substance it deems necessary, ultimately against his or her will? One would expect your average person to instinctively reject such a notion, or at the very least apply cautious consideration before answering. Unfortunately, the sophisticated though sloppily executed 24/7 COVID propaganda has convinced far too many people to zealously answer in the affirmative. This is of course troubling stuff; the syndicate and its propaganda arm have clearly gone all in, and are committing a dystopian mind crime of epic proportions.

As revealed by the abnormally high number of reported adverse drug reactions (ADRs) so far, it’s clear that these COVID injections are toxic:


[ tok-sik ]
of, pertaining to, affected with, or caused by a toxin or poison:
   a toxic condition
acting as or having the effect of a poison; poisonous:
   a toxic drug
. . .
a toxic chemical or other substance

Even though the death counts and ADRs continue to rise, the syndicate news networks are relatively silent on the matter compared to their relentless, ongoing coverage of the cases and deaths allegedly caused by COVID-19 and its fictional-until-proven-otherwise variants.

And if we are really being honest, by definition the mechanics behind these gene therapy injections actually transition those taking them into mutants:


[ myoot-nt ]
undergoing or a result of mutation.
a new type of organism produced as the result of mutation.

You may be rolling your eyes, but the definition of mutant is what it is and these gene therapy treatments are what they are: they subvert and alter the immune system’s gene messaging mechanism, in effect tinkering with the “language of God”, which just happens to be a book authored by no less than Francis S. Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health (Fauci’s boss):

Only in a dystopian clown world would an allegedly devout Christian promote toxic gene therapy injections which in fact garble if not revise the “language of God”. But alas, here we are.

The syndicate has been publicly pushing its trans-humanist agenda for decades now. Bill Gates himself proudly admits that these next-generation “vaccines” (again they are not vaccines) will transition the human immune system into a controllable and configurable “operating system”. And guess what – a “trans-human” is of course a mutant.

For those of us committed to protecting our divine bodies from the grifters, thieves, and oppressive psychotic forces on this earth, the future very much hangs in the balance. The propaganda campaign to vilify injection hesitancy (a marketing term) has shifted to overdrive, as numerous alleged experts in epidemiology and virology have come forward to proclaim that the un-injected are now the breeding ground for COVID variants, which, like the original “virus” itself, have not even been proven to exist.

Pitting the masses against each other has long been the central theme of the syndicate’s modus operandi, but in the age of COVID it has been elevated to a new level, where ownership of one’s personhood – their divine essence as established through natural law, is at stake. 

Ironically, you can bet a majority of the “my body, my choice” crowd are all in when it comes to forcing their fellow citizens to violate themselves with a state-mandated injection. Such vulgar narcissists view everything through a political lens, and COVID-19 has provided them countless opportunities to threaten and harass people into risking their health and well being in servitude to the state.

To be sure, one additional factor that motivates many to support state-mandated injections is a profound sense of injection regret. Misery loves company, and those suffering from injection regret would prefer to not suffer alone. It’s quite likely that this deep feeling of regret is similar to that which occurs after an abortion, which can oftentimes result in a lifetime of psychological struggle and mental anguish, especially if one also suffers injection injuries.

As much as the syndicate tries to ignore, suppress, or manipulate ADR reports, it’s no secret that an extremely high number of adverse events and deaths are occurring, and you can be sure the official numbers greatly underestimate the true extent of the damage. Normally, any drug or “vaccine” brought to market would be immediately withdrawn if they produced even a fraction of the ADRs that are being reported with these gene therapy injections. But clearly these are not normal times.

COVID-19 Injection ADRs

A detailed breakdown of ADRs can be found in Josh’s report at Cutting Through the Fog.His latest update can be viewed below.

Meanwhile, in the age of COVID the infringements on our liberties and blatant violations of natural law manifest themselves in many different ways. Take taxes, for instance. For all practical purposes, tax payers really have no say in how their state and federal tax money is spent. As Miles Mathis details below, the US Federal Government is spending taxpayer money to purchase these toxic products from Big Pharma to not only offer them “for free” to the general public, but to also donate them to other countries:

The US Federal Government has been aggressively promoting the poisoning of the people on the tax payer dime based on the concept of “emergency use authorization” (EUA), which itself is an entirely unconstitutional policy. And of course the government itself gets to determine and declare an emergency based on whatever justification it can come up with. In the age of COVID, even though anyone can see there is currently no real emergency occurring, the EUA remains in effect simply to allow Big Pharma to falsely brand its gene therapy injections as “vaccines” (they are not) AND to shield themselves from any legal recourse that would normally come from the countless victims that have been damaged by their poisons. This clearly is not “government by consent” but rather raw, naked, unchecked tyranny. But then again, the entire COVID project has revealed that there really is no “rule of law” or “justice” system in the U.S. The CDC (a private for-profit NGO) and the FDA along with pretty much every other Federal agency are unconstitutional, which just goes to show that the Constitution itself is indeed just a piece of paper and its words are simply ignored by the crime syndicate AKA the US Federal Government. We are living in lawless times, and until a majority of the people wake up (the term “woke” was commandeered by the fascists, of course), the syndicate will keep tightening the screws until we all will indeed “own nothing”, but we certainly won’t “be happy”…

Could this Really Happen in the “Land of the Free”?

Tom Hanx