COVID-19 “Vaccine” Injuries and Deaths are Piling Up

The document found at this link (courtesy of Josh at CTTF) provides a wealth of information detailing the negative outcomes from the toxic Big Pharma gene therapy jabs.

If you’ve been planning on getting the poisonous prick simply because a syndicate news channel like CNN told you to, then God have mercy on your soul. If you plan on getting it because “everyone else is”, well, given that “everyone else” hasn’t died (or likely even gotten sick) from COVID-19 yet and it’s admitted that these injections don’t provide infection protection, what’s the point?

The “Maskless Ninja”

In our upside down, inside out, inverted perverted COVID-1984 Clown World we are supposed to believe our enemies – Fauci, Gates, are actually our heroes. But in reality, it’s the common, everyday folks like the “Maskless Ninja” standing up against the lawless tyranny in the COVID-1984 prison state known as California who we should look up to for inspiration. Watching these masked store employees harass people who simply want to go about their day unmasked and breathing free is painful to watch – even creepy. This new world definitely ain’t like the old world. Take off your dehumanizing and unhealthy masks, folks.