Stand Up, Montana

It’s encouraging to see serious people fighting back against the tyrannical state governors who are violating our constitutional rights under the guise of protecting us from this allegedly deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Case in point is Stand Up MT, a group of heroic MT citizens who have had enough of Governor Steve Bullock’s illegal, unconstitutional, and outright inhumane COVID-19 diktats. The group just recently filed a lawsuit demanding that the governor immediately rescind all COVID-19 “mandates” issued by his office, and we strongly suggest you review their case which clearly and concisely lays out the reasons why all of the governor’s COVID-19 measures lack any legal or scientific basis.

Regardless of the merits of the Stand Up MT case, and there are many, our lack of faith in the integrity of both the justice system and the government itself tempers our enthusiasm. If Stand Up MT does in fact prevail in court, needless to say it will be interesting to see how Governor Bullock responds. Judges have actually ruled favorably on similar cases in other states, but their governors have simply ignored the rulings. Will Governor Bullock do the same here?

More importantly is how Governor-elect Gianforte responds, since he supposedly champions conservative principles, limited government, and upholding both our constitutional and God-given rights. But given that, as a congressman, Gianforte stood silently by while Bullock ran roughshod over the citizens of Montana with his illegal COVID-19 edicts, we expect Gianforte to simply pick up where his predecessor left off.

What has been lost in all of this COVID-19 hysteria is that the open and brazen theft of our constitutionally protected rights by these tyrant governors now poses more of a danger to our lives than any pandemic ever would or could. Indeed, the average American citizen, whose worldview has been shaped by a lifetime of carefully crafted propaganda delivered through public education and the media, has little if any understanding of what freedom really is and how much it has been under attack, most recently and most obviously by the actions taken by the state in response to COVID-19. And of course the media has been relentless in marginalizing those in the minority who have been calling out the state for its assault on our liberties, but this is hardly surprising given that in all of its forms the media today is, at its core, the propaganda arm of the state itself. Meanwhile, the death and destruction wrought by these COVID-19 measures continues unabated:

It’s time to get up off your knees, Montana, and take a stand. Simple acts of passive disobedience like removing those dehumanizing masks will go a long way towards ending these tyrannical crimes against humanity.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

– Edmund Burke

Tom Hanx