Dear Governor Bullock

November 27, 2020

Steve Bullock
Office of the Governor
PO Box 200801
Helena, MT

Dear Governor Bullock,

Gosh Governor, 2020 sure has been a long year now, hasn’t it? What with the pandemic situation and all, most of us common folk haven’t been able to make sense of pretty much anything anymore. Here in Montana – you know, the state you govern according to the will of the people, the pandemic has actually been kind of a wheeze, at least when considering the direct impact it has had on people’s health. I mean, I assume you are aware Governor that the CDC has admitted that of the overall deaths attributed to COVID-19, only 6% were caused by the


COVID-19 Weasel Words

Mandate”, “Guideline”, “Requirement”, “Directive”, “Restriction

These are some of the more common labels applied to the COVID-19 policies that state authorities define and then attempt to enforce against private citizens and businesses. What people fail to realize is that since these policies have no legal (statutory) basis, they are in fact entirely unenforceable. Unless and until a given state legislature actually passes laws backstopping these policies, private citizens and businesses are not obligated to honor them. So the Governors and their state agencies are simply bluffing, using weasel words like “mandate” in order to threaten and intimidate. Don’t fall for the bluff; these folks didn’t:

Taking a Stand Against Tyranny

This video was presented in an earlier post but we thought it worthy of posting again as it (hopefully) provides inspiration to private businesses who are struggling trying to adhere to their given states’s unconstitutional “mandates”. It’s a short video about a courageous restaurant operating mask-free in the Covid-19 prison state formerly known as California:

Thomas E. Woods Crushes the Covid Cult

In this tight 20 minute presentation, Mr Woods exposes the inverted reality of the Covid Cult. The mask information beginning at ~11:39 is particularly tasty (Montana even gets a mention). WARNING: May be offensive to COVID-19 true believers.

NOTE: This video was just recently banned from YouTube. We wonder why?

The COVID-19 “Test”: Just Say No

PCR has been the most commonly used testing tool for determining if one is a carrier of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and the increasing number of positive COVID-19 cases based on this test have served as the primary criteria for the state’s ongoing unconstitutional actions taken to combat the pandemic. As you might recall, back in March “lockdowns” and other mandates were supposed to be short term measures to be lifted once we had “flattened the curve” in regards to the number of hospital admissions and COVID-19 deaths. Well, the COVID-19 curve was not only flattened but virtually eviscerated as mortality numbers have dropped and then flatlined since late Spring of 2020 while hospitals worldwide have mostly sat empty1.


Conspiracies: Always Follow the Money…

If you’ve read most of the material on this site, by now you are possibly thinking “ok, this Covid-19 counter-narrative is pretty convincing, but there’s no way they could get all of these hospitals, doctors, nurses, government agencies, and so on to collaborate at this scale – it is way too complex and there would be leaks – people would talk.”

First of all, you have to realize that everyone has a price. Everyone. If you were told your job required you to support a narrative you personally knew was dishonest if not outright fraudulent, would you really speak out? What if it meant the end of your career in your field or the loss of your business? What if


Fauci the Fraud

Ah yes – Anthony Fauci, the affable, fatherly, smooth talking NIH epidemiologist courageously leading the fight against Covid-19. Here is the good doctor attending a baseball game in the summer of 2020:

Dr Fauci Demonstrating Social Distancing
and How to Wear a Mask

This sage of the killer virus circuit has been around a long time – the longest serving and highest paid civil servant in the US Federal Government. Fauci appeared on the scene over 40 years ago, cutting his teeth on the AIDS virus. After understanding his pivotal role in that disaster, you’ll likely think twice before believing anything he says about Covid-19. In fact, you might end up wondering – like we are, why “Dr” Anthony