The Scourge of Masks

Hiding your divine face behind a mask is to deny your own humanity – your creator blessed you with a face to make you human and a mouth and nose to breathe in life and expel the toxins from your lungs. Interfering with these natural processes slowly but surely weakens your immune system, making you susceptible to chronic diseases which seek any opportunity to rapaciously attack any unguarded opening in your bodily defenses.

As you will see in the many information sources that follow, a mask not only induces hypoxia by reducing oxygen levels and forcing you to breathe in your own recycled C02, it also can become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, mold, and other pathogens


It’s Not About a Virus, Part II

When the average, obedient, well-meaning citizen of the state is asked to consider the idea that perhaps the Covid-19 pandemic is at best “just the flu, bro” and at worst an outright fiction, some combination of indignation, anger, or ridicule is a typical response. This is understandable, because there are powerful psychological forces at work here, nurtured by a lifetime of propaganda-driven conditioning of the mind that tends to trap one into a very rigid view of the world. Indeed, The Matrix was not just a movie, but an allegorical depiction of the here and now. Are we actually living in a computer simulation? Well, there certainly have been a lot of so-called experts in recent years pushing the idea


It’s Not About a Virus

So here we are, over eight months after the Covid-19 pandemic declaration and for those who have tested positive, the published CDC survival rate numbers clearly reveal that the pandemic did not live up to the hype:

Age Range (Years)Covid-19 Survival Rate
0 - 1999.997%
20 - 4999.98%
50 - 6999.5%

This is good news, right? Remember early on when pandemic doubters were ridiculed for claiming “it’s just the flu, bro.“? Well it isn’t just the flu – Covid-19 is in fact even less lethal than seasonal influenza. The CDC admits that only 6% of these reported deaths are due solely to Covid-19, while the other 94% of deaths occurred where Covid-19