Will You Cross the COVID-19 Rubicon?

We’re talking about the COVID-19 injections, of course. They were always the end game; that’s why the COVID-19  “vaccine” propaganda is so relentless. It’s everywhere. The syndicate news channels, newspapers, websites, celebrities, professional sports figures etc. continuously pimp the toxic injection message. They don’t call them injections but “vaccines”, of course, even though by definition they are not vaccines and thus it’s technically illegal to formally classify them as such. Words matter, especially when it comes to the subject of our health, and thus we refuse to use the word “vaccine” when referencing these gene therapy experiments.

Meanwhile, people are now literally virtue-signaling that they’ve either already received or are intending to get these Big Pharma injections. Shockingly, parents are subjecting their own children to these toxic treatments; for a disease that for anyone under the age of 70 and in reasonably good health has effectively a zero percent chance of dying from. We’ll wager many of your friends and family members are getting it. Many of ours have. And by any rational measure this makes no sense. Why anyone would willingly inject any foreign substance into their body without thoroughly understanding the costs and benefits is the grand mystery set before the rational among us, but indeed it’s really no mystery at all. You see, COVID-19 has always been a cult, whose rituals started with the masks, social distancing, and disinfectants, but now you’re not considered an official member until you complete the toxic injection initiation – a sort of “rite of passage” across the COVID-19 rubicon. We are witnessing a human tragedy of epic proportions slowly unfold because – as we’ve already covered in earlier posts, these COVID-19 Big Pharma shots actually manipulate and subvert one’s own immune system’s response to infection and disease. Even worse, they have not been sufficiently tested to ensure their safety when administered to human beings. When animal testing has been conducted on variations of these therapies in the past, the subjects very often simply died. So in effect people receiving these injections are volunteering to be human guinea pigs. All for a supposed virus that has at a minimum a 99.7% infection survival rate.

Although we’ve posted this fact from a variety of different angles many times already, here is perhaps the most current and comprehensive breakdown of COVID-19 death statistics which again reveals that this pandemic was nothing more than a manufactured and media-hyped fiction. In a sane, rational world, anyone suggesting that people should be administered an untested gene therapy injection for what is at worst a bad flu would most certainly be ridiculed if not deemed completely nuts. And yet here we are in 2021 with proven frauds like Dr. Anthony Fauci and his CDC storm troopers pushing these toxic injections like our lives depend on it, all while being cheered on by the talking heads in the syndicate news and information channels. 

But of course these toxic jabs aren’t the only insults the masses have accepted over the past 15 months – lockdowns, masks, and other gross violations of civil liberties have been embraced with relatively little resistance, and now here we are, living in the next iteration of a new world order, where a substantial portion of humanity has revealed it has no idea what the concepts of liberty, freedom, and natural law really mean. As much as the syndicate loves to divide us using artificial constructs like liberal/conservative, left/right, Democrat/Republican, Mac/Windows, and so on, COVID-19 has divided humanity on a much more personal level, where a growing number of people embrace the idea of forcing their fellow man to be physically injected with serums – no matter how benign or toxic, as a requirement for moving about freely on the planet. If you don’t reflexively reject this notion, then you have been successfully reprogrammed by the state; your survival instincts have been dulled, and, as difficult as this may be for you to accept, you are in fact the enemy of freedom and truth.

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy.

Morpheus  (from The Matrix)

But willfully supporting a horrific practice such as forced injections is vintage cult-like behavior. The primary reason members of cults are so committed to the cause is because it gives newfound meaning to their otherwise empty lives. This in and of itself explains why so many people have so willingly embraced the COVID-19 story, mindlessly submitting to all of the mandates handed down by the high priests of their COVID-19 cult, while stridently defending their actions in the face of mountains of counter evidence revealing it was all bullshit from day one. Receiving the cult’s toxic injection seals one’s commitment to the cause; it’s the point of no return. One’s very essence has been infiltrated and permanently modified by a mechanism that can lead to unknown genetic side effects for the rest of one’s life.

We’ve discussed before that it’s simply human nature to resist admitting we are wrong or that we have been fooled about anything, and that this is why crimes like COVID-19 linger on seemingly forever, because the COVID cultists simply can’t admit they’ve been taken for a ride. So once one receives the COVID injection, their belief in the cause is now literally fused into their very being, and the odds of one later admitting it was all a mistake are now vanishingly small. To put it another way, instead of an injection, would you agree to have an arm or leg amputated in exchange for protection from COVID-19? Probably not, but although you yourself may not suffer immediate consequences from these untested COVID-19 shots, they are potential time bombs that could lead to much more dire consequences in the future, either for yourself or even your unborn progeny. And, as even the syndicate news channels have begrudgingly admitted, people are suffering immediate and negative effects from these shots, with many dying. This is unbelievably sad, as virtually all of these people were healthy, functioning human beings facing minimal if not non-existent risk from COVID-19, and now they are dead. But equally tragic is that members of the COVID cult dismiss these events as simply the price society must pay in order to keep the majority “safe”. And yet the ugly irony here is that although the syndicate will never reveal the true numbers, you can bet more people will become sick and die from these COVID-19 injections than have died from COVID-19 itself.

In closing, please remember that your creator both designed and assigned you a unique genetic signature that makes you you. Do you really want the state – a nameless, faceless, uncaring and exploitive force, to inject a possibly deadly substance into your being that will pollute and likely destroy your very essence, your divine makeup? Do you really want to cross the COVID-19 rubicon? For those yet to receive the toxic injection, your fate is still in your hands; don’t let the state take control of it.

Tom Hanx

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