COVID-19: It’s Time to Go Scorched Earth…

We haven’t posted in a while, mainly because we’re pretty much burned out and suffering from writer’s block due to the whole COVID-19 narrative, which is still saturating the syndicate’s propaganda channels despite it now being about as tasty as dry, stale bread. And yes, in the meantime, there’s been other stuff going on, like a scam US Presidential election followed by a scripted US Capitol “insurrection”, a pointless impeachment sideshow, and other assorted events, but COVID-19 is still the story that simply won’t go away, and this in and of itself proves that the syndicate is still reaping an unknown number of benefits in keeping it alive.

First off, let’s get one thing straight: this dehumanizing scourge that the state has wrought upon the land, using a pandemic as the excuse, will never go away unless we the people stop believing in the lies. We now have a full year of accumulated evidence which definitively proves that COVID-19 does not pose an urgent, immediate, ongoing threat to our health and yet the state continues to employ every means at its disposal to convince you otherwise. The propaganda remains at full volume as the scriptwriters struggle to keep the truth from finally penetrating their fog of lies. The tip of their propaganda spear is not Dr. Fauci, or the CDC, or the WHO, or even their mass media. No, their most cost-effective and lethal form of COVID-19 doom porn propaganda is the simple – and simply dehumanizing, face mask. Billions of people willingly wearing state-sponsored propaganda on their God-given face, free of charge no less, has got to be the biggest propaganda achievement in human history. As we’ve stated before, the mask’s singular purpose is to serve as a visible proxy of an invisible threat. We’ve referenced countless studies and other information that prove masks do not prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. The fact that the state refuses to acknowledge and/or admit to this and instead literally doubles-down on the mask propaganda clearly reveals there are motives other than health that explain the state’s insistence on their continued use.

So here’s the deal. To accelerate the final chapters of this vile, ugly, poorly-written COVID-19 story, you need to take off your mask, and ideally, burn it in effigy in honor of this COVID-19 propaganda plague. Now given the current COVID-19 prison state you might be living in and your own set of personal circumstances, navigating through your day might require you to wear one from time to time. But our main point is to avoid wearing them whenever possible, and only when “forced” to. In other words, loathe them as they should be loathed. Donning them should make you nauseous because they are noxious. Join in spreading the contagion of mask rejection and embrace the sunshine and hope inherent in the human face. If you wear them out of fear of getting sick, stop being afraid. Look at the evidence and open your mind, otherwise, you are nothing but a mental slave to their story. They need you to be afraid or their lies collapse upon themselves. Fear is their number one weapon of control; always has been, always will be, unless and until we have the courage to stand up for ourselves and what is really worth believing in.

Moving on, while sharing our thoughts and insights about COVID-19 over the past several months, we’ve tried to stay polite; to be patient; to be understanding. But really people, it’s time for the gloves to come off. After a full year of enduring the provable lies espoused by the likes of Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and pretty much every head of state and their health departments in every western country, if you still believe the COVID-19 story was about an actual, highly contagious and deadly virus, then we’re afraid you are suffering from an extreme form of propaganda-induced mental dysplasia. We understand that this likely offends you. After all, one of the most difficult challenges virtually all human beings face is admitting we’ve been fooled. It can be about trivial things or major events – the size and scope of the subject doesn’t matter – we just don’t like to admit we are wrong, about anything. So don’t feel too bad about this inborn resistance to admit defeat and change course, because you of course have lots of company. In fact this is precisely why the COVID-19 saga won’t end. Too many people are still committed to the original story and have been rendered incapable of admitting they are wrong. And not surprisingly, those that have spent the last year of their lives terrified of a virus, religiously wearing masks, actively avoiding close contact with their neighbors and friends, and in the worst case engaging in Stasi-like tactics like snitching on and publicly criticizing non-conformists, are of course the least likely to admit they’ve been deceived. These people are in fact the weakest yet most dangerous members of society, because their stubborn refusal to loosen their white-knuckled grip on a false narrative extends our collective misery and puts us all at risk of going down with the ship.

In order to become resistant to the COVID-19 propaganda plague, you must accept that a media diet rich in content from the likes of CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, the BBC and the assorted other syndicate information channels tends to make one intellectually soft and flabby. When our source of intellectual nourishment emanates from a wellspring of lies, then our journey through life is really spent tethered on a mental leash to our hidden masters, subject to their whims and wants. Social networks play a significant role here too, of course, as sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et. al. are extremely effective psychological tools which were engineered for achieving mind control on a massive scale. Studies have shown that plying a tiny fraction of a given population with an emotionally charged narrative can trigger an “emotional contagion” throughout the entire populace. You need to understand that slavery is flourishing today, but not in the physical form of whips and chains, but rather the slave plantation is now the human mind itself. All of us in one form or another is trapped in a mind cage that they’ve carefully and perversely constructed for us during our lifetimes, and the COVID-19 narrative is just another brick in the wall separating us from true mental, emotional, and ultimately spiritual salvation.

And for those who can’t comprehend that an event the size and scope of COVID-19 can be the result of conspiracy, well once you decompose the narrative into bite size pieces it’s really not so hard to digest. First of all, it’s true that large segments of society are faithfully and dutifully participating in the COVID-19 story, from businesses large and small, community organizations, churches, school systems, sports leagues, the entire medical community, and of course all city, county, state, and national political operatives and organizations. It’s a mind-boggling collective effort, to be sure. But does it mean millions of people are all conspiring together to hoodwink the masses? Of course not; in fact if this is how you see it, then let’s just say, to put it charitably, that your critical thinking abilities are wanting. You are, to turn a phrase, tone deaf. The remainder of this post covers some of the many COVID-19 themes that taken together make the case for a carefully planned and coordinated conspiracy.

Influence Peddling

Political influence peddling is a fact of life, and in the case of COVID-19 it’s how things get done, as many if not most businesses who implement health department COVID-19 guidelines are compensated with quid pro quo payments via the Governor’s office sourced from the CARES and PPP acts. It’s as simple as that. In fact, even though the PPP act funding is conveyed in the form of a loan, in most cases businesses receiving funding do not have to pay it back if they can prove 60% of said funds went towards employee salaries and benefits. Meet this standard and pocket the remaining 40%. Free money just to enforce mask compliance? Where do I sign up? The Target corporation just announced they are giving cash bonuses to every one of their store employees – guess who is paying those bonuses? You are, because the PPP funding that Target has received is funded by you and your fellow tax paying slaves of the state.

Legal Intimidation

Businesses and organizations are also intimidated into compliance through the threat of lawsuits issued most often by the (unelected) goons in the county health departments. In a given community, all it takes to keep virtually all businesses toeing the COVID-19 line is to sue one or two of them and take them to court, where they are guaranteed to lose in a very public fashion, thus discouraging other businesses from fighting back themselves. Now why is a loss guaranteed? Because when it comes to COVID-19, the courts have already revealed themselves to be entrenched defenders of any and all state actions. And as we’ve stated before, the “science” behind COVID-19 is flimsy at best, and would likely not hold up in a legitimate trial. However, the defendants in these small county cases typically do not have the financial means to hire expert witnesses to challenge the state, so the judge is always safe to rule in favor of the prosecution if for no other reason than the defense lacking compelling evidence to overturn these baseless state “rules” and “mandates”. To make matters worse, in most if not all of these cases that end up in court, the business owner has actually conspired with the health department to lose on purpose. Outrageous, you’re probably thinking. Well think again. This type of corruption is much more common than you might realize. The state has every interest in running these types of covert projects in order to achieve their objectives, and in the case of this pandemic, it’s quite easy to find players willing to assist in these scams if the price is right, and as we’ve stated before, everyone has a price.

The Medical Industrial Complex

Next, we need to look at the “heroes” of the COVID-19 story: the members of the Medical Industrial Complex. From the very beginning we’ve been inundated with stories of heroic health care workers risking their lives in their exhausting front line battles against a rapacious virus which strikes down anyone who comes in contact with it. But anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can figure out this portrayal is an outright fiction. Indeed, once you sift through the statistical noise you will discover that the overall 2020 mortality numbers in the US alone trend with previous years. Just recently the syndicate news channels have breathlessly proclaimed that the US COVID-19 death count has reached a “grim milestone” of 500,000. But given that virtually every COVID-19 statistic has been manipulated – from case counts to fatalities, this mortality number is entirely meaningless and does not accurately reflect actual causes of death. Please refer to this paper which uses simple logic to reveal that the overall mortality rate in the US in 2020 has trended normally proving that a deadly pandemic simply never was and is not occurring.

So when it comes to the Medical Industrial Complex’s role in the overall COVID-19 conspiracy, again one only need follow the money. As we’ve covered in earlier posts, the CARES act doles out big payments to health care providers for every COVID-19 case they treat including higher amounts for ventilator usage and coded COVID-19 fatalities. So you can bet that most hospitals and clinics are purposefully attributing cases and deaths to COVID-19 to keep the government money spigots flowing. The overuse of ventilators as treatment is particularly concerning, because once a patient is placed on a vent, it is essentially a death sentence, and as we are finding out now, in the early stages of this “pandemic”, countless elderly and others died after being placed on ventilators which as we’ve just stated triggers maximum payouts to the hospitals engaging in this practice. Now the actual front line health workers will say they were “just following orders”, and they are right. This is how grand conspiracies work – most of the little people have no sense of the larger picture, they are “just following orders”. In the case of COVID-19, here’s how it works: The CDC and other “authorities” pass down guidance that “ventilators have proven to be effective treatments for COVID-19”. The hospitals adhere to this guidance and advise their staff to use ventilators on their COVID-19 patients. The staff then follow the ventilator protocols, patients die, the hospitals code the deaths as COVID-19 and then get reimbursed the maximum payout from the government. So who in this long chain of events is culpably engaged in a “conspiracy”? Only those at the top – the CDC, the WHO, and the various state actors who hand down these directives. And yes – this means virtually all of the top political leaders in the US Federal Government are willing participants in this fraud, mainly because they have proceeded to implement these unconstitutional policy prescriptions provided by the likes of Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and others without first deposing them and in effect putting their “science” on trial. This lack of effort to prove the scientific basis behind COVID-19 before implementing these draconian measures is political malfeasance of the worst kind, resulting in literally billions of lives and livelihoods across the globe to be disrupted or destroyed.

Your Immune System

What deliberately gets ignored during this entire COVID-19 saga is the role the immune system and our general overall health habits play in making us resistant to disease. COVID-19 guidelines have promoted poor habits that in fact degrade our health. Staying inside drops your natural vitamin D levels and spending huge chunks of time sitting sedentary in front of digital screens and eating junk food is terribly unhealthy. Wearing masks and disinfecting everything we touch while avoiding close contact with our fellow human beings only serves to further weaken our immune systems. Does Dr. Fauci ever talk about getting lots of sunshine, exercising, eating healthy, and other natural remedies to boost our immune systems and improve our overall physical health? Of course not – these naturally healthy habits run counter to the agenda, which is to keep you in fear and ultimately dependent on the state to maintain your physical and mental well being. The “vaccine” is the state’s end game, as they want us to believe it’s our only hope for life to return to normal. They are lying. They want you sick and dependent. As we’ve stated before, healthy, self-reliant people are the enemy of the state. The COVID-19 agenda is meant to reinforce the idea that scary and dangerous viruses will continue to appear out of nowhere, posing a constant threat to your health and wellbeing until the end of time. This of course encourages a lifetime of dependence on the state and the Medical Industrial Complex, two entities which for all practical purposes have morphed into one.

Has COVID-19 Even Been Proven to Exist?

In a word, no. Crazy, right? First of all, it’s invisible to the naked eye, that’s why the insistence on masks. But even though the sight of masks keeps you thinking about the virus, ultimately it’s your unquestioning faith in the COVID-19 cult leaders like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci that keeps you a true believer. But there are plenty of smart people who’ve convincingly pointed out that indeed there is no formally published, peer-reviewed proof of an isolated SARS-Cov-2 virus. When you combine this bombshell with the fact that the PCR “test” used in detecting the virus is extremely unreliable if not almost useless, well it goes without saying that this “pandemic” is an outright fiction. We’ve covered these topics in earlier posts, but here is some more recent reference material regarding virus isolation and the PCR fraud:

Hopefully, you’re not like most people, who won’t even visit these links let alone read the material found at them. Once you devote some time to at least scratching the surface of the mainstream story, you’ll be surprised at what you might find. The syndicate news and information channels want you to think any and all conspiracy theories, especially those the size and scope of COVID-19, are simply borne from the deluded fantasies of a bunch of basement-dwelling troglodytes. Don’t buy what they’re selling because it poisons your mind and renders you incapable of thinking for yourself. We keep emphasizing on this blog that the truth is learned, not told. If you refuse to educate yourself and look beyond the syndicate’s COVID-19 headlines, you have no business criticizing those who do. You know, those kooky, non-conformist “conspiracy theorists”.

Tom Hanx


  1. Current Covid-19 Vaccines confer a narrow, specific antibody based immunity for disease prevention and do not work during a pandemic, since the virus mutates to escape this narrow, antibody based immunity. This is well known science. See the you tube video with name:
    “Why should current Covid-19 vaccines not be used for mass vaccination during a pandemic?”
    on the you tube channel: Geert Vanden Bossche.
    Similar videos are available on “Vejon Health.
    Also, on the you tube channel named:
    “Covexit News and Analysis” is this thorough presentation video with title:
    “Geert Vanden Bossche & Peter McCullough Webinar: Presentation by Geert Vanden Bossche”. 
    Geert explains that not only does using an antibody based vaccine during a pandemic not make you immune, it actually reduces your immune response, since once the virus mutates to a variant with greater infectious affinity to your receptors, the virus out competes the vaccine antibodies, and your Natural Killer cell affinity for the virus, leaving you with *no effective immune defense* at all. Source reference see: Vanden Bossshe above.
    For the same reasons, lock downs, masks, and social distancing also induce the virus to mutate to a variant with greater infectious affinity to your receptors and out competes the vaccine antibodies, and your Natural Killer cell affinity for the virus, again leaving you with *no effective immune defense* at all.

    As a general rule, everything anyone tries to do to slow down a pandemic, automatically makes the pandemic worse, since the pathogen mutates to overcome any non-sterilizing obstacle you present.  Masks, lock downs, social distancing and antibody based vaccines will all make the pandemic worse, not better. This epidemiology 101. Yes, the manufacturers know this.

    Your natural immune system provides broader immunity effective against all variants. The best you can do is improve your broader natural immune system with Vitamin D (from noontime sun), and foods with Vitamin C, Zinc and Quercetin, and get moderate exercise and adequate sleep.

    • Thank you for these links; we’ll check them out…
      Meanwhile, the whole concept of virus mutations is premised of course on the idea that viruses as they are described to us by the mainstream even exist in the first place, much less cause disease and “pandemics”. We feel this premise is fundamentally flawed; deliberately.

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