The COVID-19 Story: A Propaganda Triumph

Judging by the number of people still wearing masks and otherwise willfully submitting to the illegal mandates passed down by their tyrant governors, it’s now clear that the COVID-19 project has been arguably the most sweeping and effective propaganda coup in all of human history. And for those who either saw through the scam from the beginning or have recently come to the light, unless we can get enough of the true believers to snap out of their propaganda-induced trance we unfortunately are all going down with the ship.

To add to the many information sources we’ve already published in earlier posts, the following citations have been pulled from the huge catalog of alternative information sources which counter the pandemic narrative endlessly spewed by the corporate information channels that the syndicate wholly owns and uses to keep the masses “informed”:

  • The CDC has admitted the COVID-19 infection mortality rate mirrors the common flu.
  • The CDC has admitted that the 2020 all-cause mortality rate is trending with previous years:
  • The WHO has admitted lock downs are disastrous.
  • The PCR “test” is not a test and the completely useless results it produces have served as the state’s primary justification for destroying our civil liberties under the guise of battling a nonexistent pandemic.
  • Countless studies have shown masks are useless for preventing the spread of respiratory illnesses.
  • Hospitals and associated medical providers receive large payouts for each COVID-19 case they treat. Bonus dollars for ventilator usage as well as any death attributed – provably or not – to COVID-19.
  • Private businesses engage in quid pro quo influence peddling with their state governors whereby those that enforce these illegal mask and social distancing “mandates” receive enhanced payouts and likely other benefits.
  • Politicians and the various experts they rely on have regularly been busted violating the very mandates they’ve demanded the unwashed masses adhere to, including most recently Dr. Deborah Birx, the propaganda queen of the White House COVID-19 task force. These people aren’t mere hypocrites “taking their chances getting infected by the virus” for they know this pandemic narrative is a fiction and they are simply actors playing their parts in the script.

Dr. Birx is a classic case study in how propaganda is carefully crafted and delivered to the masses in very subtle ways. For the COVID-19 story, Birx fills the role of the intelligent, elegant, articulate, empowered 21st century career women meant to appeal to a broad cross section of the female population, from the ambitious, corporate “girl power” types to elderly retirees and grandmas, their minds marinating in the continuous glow of their television sets tuned to CNN and Fox News.

Dr. Deborah Birx, Matron of the
White House COVID-19 Propaganda Task Force

Birx is put forward as an example of how far women have advanced in our supposedly cruel, patriarchal society – a meme the mainstream has been hammering us with for decades now. Women like Birx eschew their God-given gifts for the false promises of a fulfilling career in traditionally male-dominated disciplines in the corporate, academic, and political worlds. In this regard, the current female governors of Michigan and Oregon come to mind, as both have kept pace with their male tyrant counterparts by gleefully imposing iron-handed COVID-19 measures on the citizens of their own states. To be fair, many of these fascist female movers and shakers still have children, but the mainstream now portrays this uniquely beautiful act of creating and nurturing human life as an unfair if not (laughably) unjust burden placed on the female species. But again this war against conventional motherhood and the traditional family unit has been an ongoing endeavor for many generations now, getting its start in the 60s with the CIA project known as “feminism”. But, we digress…there are so many teachable moments from this COVID-19 story it’s easy to go off on tangents.

Overall, the COVID-19 pandemic propaganda has been laughably sloppy from the very beginning, but regardless you can be rest assured that the syndicate is overjoyed and most likely gobsmacked at how submissive their subjects have revealed themselves to be. Clearly undeterred by the numerous mistakes it’s made along the way, the syndicate has been incrementally turning up the authoritarian heat since day one, most likely thinking a threshold would be reached at some point where a majority of the masses would finally push back. At the very latest this should have happened immediately after fifteen days of “flattening the curve”, yet here we are 9 months later with the syndicate maintaining the crisis on a slow boil while the masses meekly remain on their knees, waiting for their next government relief check.

So, despite all of the citations just listed which clearly reveal the pandemic was not uniquely dangerous, deadly, or even extraordinary, too many people still worship at the altar of COVID-19. There are numerous reasons for this but first give the syndicate credit – the story it spun via its media arm to get the hysteria started still has legs; a testament to its expertise in the black arts of propaganda, mind control, and media jujitsu. Remember all those images and videos of Chinese citizens seemingly dropping dead in the streets of Wuhan? This was all planned, scripted propaganda designed for maximum emotional impact.

Wuhan Horror Porn

Today it’s business as usual in China, where citizens are going about their daily lives as though the pandemic never happened because, well, it didn’t. This isn’t to say the average ordinary Chinese citizens were in on the game; being the good communist subjects they are, they simply carried out the COVID-19 protocols demanded by their communist masters until the pandemic “went away”. Meanwhile, in the West the pandemic has continued unabated, rampaging through the population leaving piles of dead bodies and overflowing hospitals in its wake; at least that’s what the syndicate’s information channels keep telling us. But you know better, right? How many dead bodies have you seen or had to step over today? Yesterday? Last month? All year? How many of you are witness to or aware of family members, friends or coworkers that have died from this deadly pandemic? Pretty much zero, right? But again this makes total sense because as we’ve already pointed out many times, the CDC’s official numbers reveal that the overall COVID-19 infection survival rate averaged across all demographics is 99.7%. And this assumes the CDC’s cooked up numbers are remotely legitimate in the first place. You’d think this would register in people, but clearly it has not.

Moving on, how many of you have witnessed overflowing emergency wards in your area? Indeed, how many of you have even been allowed in a hospital to receive treatment for anything? We realize conditions on the ground vary by region, but in many areas hospitals have essentially been locked down, only allowing select patient access through carefully controlled entry and exit points. We ourselves have firsthand knowledge of people in our social circles that were denied basic outpatient services inside their own hospitals and instead received treatment in the parking lot! It’s our assertion that these precautions have nothing to do with COVID-19 safety and everything to do with concealing the fact that large portions of these hospitals are mostly empty, and that the only patients allowed inside for treatment are those which “test positive” for COVID-19.

You can bet your bottom fiat dollar that many of these hospitals exploit every possible loophole in the CARES tax slave extortion emergency relief act in order to receive the maximum payouts possible. Kind of a conflict of interest don’t you think? For these hospitals, endless pandemics provide an endless source of income, which ironically is similar to the endless “War on Terror” (WOT), which also provides a steady source of income for the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). The MIC acronym applies to the COVID-19 story, too – we now have the Medical Industrial Complex and its unending War on Viruses (WOV).

Anyway, we’ll stop here for now as this pandemic story has become tedious and predictable and frankly we are suffering from COVID propaganda exhaustion. But alas, the 24/7 coverage of this big wheeze has rendered its true believers completely smitten because hey – it gives them a newfound sense of purpose in life, a chance to trumpet their virtue as they all chip in for the “greater good”. Meanwhile, collectively our liberties continue leaking away into the ether, most likely never returning again.

So, sadly, our message will likely continue to fall on deaf ears. We’ve stated numerous times that all it really takes to end this madness and sadness is for enough people to simply get off their knees, remove their masks, and encourage their family, friends and neighbors to do the same. These trivial acts are contagious, and one will find the contagion of mask removal will spread as fast as did mask adoption. Frankly, this is in fact a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people to take a meaningful stand against a real, insidious, metastasizing threat to all loving, generous, decent people across the globe. But the situation does not look promising right now, for it appears that we’ve reached the point where most people aren’t necessarily wearing masks for protection from a deadly virus, but rather to avoid facing the naked, frightening, but ultimately triumphant truth. Within the mind cage – the mental MATRIX if you will, this is the cognitive dissonance zone, where despite the bright shafts of sunlit truth penetrating its prison bars, most are incapable of letting go and embracing the light. That’s because after a lifetime of brainwashing by the types of propaganda we’ve just discussed, most of us have been so thoroughly insulated from the truth that even contemplating the idea that everything we’ve been told about COVID-19 is a fiction is more terrifying than any virus ever could be.

In closing, it’s our assertion that what we used to know as the cold and flu season has simply been rebranded as a deadly pandemic that will now be used to justify, on an ongoing basis, increasingly draconian measures far beyond those that we are already experiencing. And finally, for the COVID-19 true believers, just remember that your willful submission to authority will not, in the end, gain you any favors.

Tom Hanx