Is The Rocking R Bar Event Controlled Opposition?

As reported by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, the Rocking R Bar in Bozeman, MT has been recently sued by the Gallatin County Health department for violation of the state’s pandemic-related “restrictions“. Somewhat surprisingly, Gallatin County Judge John Brown denied the health department’s request for a restraining order against the Rocking R, stating that the health department did not clearly show that the county will “suffer immediate and irrepressible injury” if the bar continues ignoring the 10PM curfew demanded by the state in its latest round of baseless and unconstitutional “restrictions“.

As much as we agree with the judge that the violation of a wholly arbitrary and unscientific curfew is clearly not causing “immediate and irrepressible injury” (indeed, this “pandemic” by definition does not constitute an emergency to begin with), we must proceed with caution and not get our hopes up, as the Rocking R Bar may actually be participating in a project here, whereby although it appears to be taking a seemingly heroic stand against government tyranny, it could in reality be participating in a scripted, pre-planned fail. Why? To frighten and discourage other business owners from taking their own stand against these blatant abuses of government power. Indeed, most of the reported incidents you see around the world involving authorities arresting if not outright abusing COVID-19 protestors are scripted acts meant to scare people into compliance. This might in fact be what went down in the Buffalo, NY case we recently mentioned. Could this be what’s happening here? Is the Rocking R Bar’s stand authentic? We’ll supposedly find out on December 15th, when the district court will hold a hearing between the two parties.

Note it’s also a tell whenever mainstream news networks or publications like the Bozeman Daily Chronicle report on these types of events. Since the media by definition is controlled, it’s very selective about the subject matter it covers. As such, the last thing the media will do is provide coverage of something that hurts its cause, and in the case of COVID-19 and pretty much everything else, its cause is to always defend the state. So the fact that the media is covering this Rocking R case means the health board will likely prevail in court, and the Bozeman Daily Chronicle will then gladly assist in sending a very public message to those business owners who also might be thinking of resisting the authorities and their unconstitutional actions. And please realize that the Bozeman Daily Chronicle is much more than just a “small town newspaper” – we plan on conducting a deeper dive on it and the overall media’s nefarious agenda in later posts.

Regardless of the outcome in this case, private businesses and individuals need to understand that successfully overcoming government tyranny requires a collective effort. Unless and until we resist these unconstitutional actions en masse, these tyrannical government agencies will continue violating our rights and robbing us of our freedoms.

“The strength and power of despotism consists wholly in the fear of resistance.”

– Thomas Paine

Tom Hanx