The 21st Century Woman

Note that jackboots come in men’s and women’s sizes:

It’s laughable that a mother and her young son quietly sitting in a library are “causing a disturbance” because they aren’t wearing masks. The only one causing a disturbance here is this jackbooted thug. This madness brings sadness and a tear to thine eye…

The COVID-19 Story: A Propaganda Triumph

Judging by the number of people still wearing masks and otherwise willfully submitting to the illegal mandates passed down by their tyrant governors, it’s now clear that the COVID-19 project has been arguably the most sweeping and effective propaganda coup in all of human history. And for those who either saw through the scam from the beginning or have recently come to the light, unless we can get enough of the true believers to snap out of their propaganda-induced trance we unfortunately are all going down with the ship.

To add to the many information sources we’ve already published in earlier posts, the following citations have been pulled from the huge catalog of alternative information sources which counter the pandemic


Stand Up, Montana

It’s encouraging to see serious people fighting back against the tyrannical state governors who are violating our constitutional rights under the guise of protecting us from this allegedly deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Case in point is Stand Up MT, a group of heroic MT citizens who have had enough of Governor Steve Bullock’s illegal, unconstitutional, and outright inhumane COVID-19 diktats. The group just recently filed a lawsuit demanding that the governor immediately rescind all COVID-19 “mandates” issued by his office, and we strongly suggest you review their case which clearly and concisely lays out the reasons why all of the governor’s COVID-19 measures lack any legal or scientific basis.

Regardless of the merits of the Stand Up MT case, and


Is The Rocking R Bar Event Controlled Opposition?

As reported by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, the Rocking R Bar in Bozeman, MT has been recently sued by the Gallatin County Health department for violation of the state’s pandemic-related “restrictions“. Somewhat surprisingly, Gallatin County Judge John Brown denied the health department’s request for a restraining order against the Rocking R, stating that the health department did not clearly show that the county will “suffer immediate and irrepressible injury” if the bar continues ignoring the 10PM curfew demanded by the state in its latest round of baseless and unconstitutional “restrictions“.

As much as we agree with the judge that the violation of a wholly arbitrary and unscientific curfew is clearly not causing “immediate and irrepressible injury”


COVID-19: The Tragicomedy

As the governors continue destroying the world as we know it, it’s important to take a break now and then and have a few laughs at their expense. Clearly the COVID-19 “pandemic” should win the Oscar for best picture in the Clown Show category. Even the governor of New York – AKA Cuomo the Killer Clown, has won an Emmy for his role in euthanizing, with extreme prejudice, the elderly in the Empire State, an absurdity which just goes to show that indeed “you can’t make this stuff up”, even though they pretty much have.

Anyway, while the COVID-19 true believers are likely finding no humor in this “pandemic”, we, the skeptics, must rely on it in the interest of