Dear Governor Bullock

November 27, 2020

Steve Bullock
Office of the Governor
PO Box 200801
Helena, MT

Dear Governor Bullock,

Gosh Governor, 2020 sure has been a long year now, hasn’t it? What with the pandemic situation and all, most of us common folk haven’t been able to make sense of pretty much anything anymore. Here in Montana – you know, the state you govern according to the will of the people, the pandemic has actually been kind of a wheeze, at least when considering the direct impact it has had on people’s health. I mean, I assume you are aware Governor that the CDC has admitted that of the overall deaths attributed to COVID-19, only 6% were caused by the disease alone. This is opposed to say, suicide, where 100% of deaths are caused by, well, suicide alone. You see, people who suffer trauma in their lives due to events such as the loss of their job or their business, domestic abuse and divorce, isolation from friends and family, struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse and so on often reach a point of such severe hopelessness, anxiety, and depression that the taking of their own life is the only way they feel they can find relief. And indeed the numbers are starting to show that suicide rates nationwide are increasing dramatically this year.

But you see Governor, suicide is just one of the many tragic outcomes of the actions you and many of your fellow state governors have taken in response to COVID-19. Even though the overall collateral damage cannot be accurately measured at this time, we don’t need to wait around for some official government report to quantify it after the fact – we can see the impact firsthand, and it does not take a rocket surgeon to understand that the long term prospects for our state and the nation at large do not look good. For one, consider the massive amount of additional fake money creation the Federal Reserve has engaged in to provide the funding for the CARES act, a good chunk of which was doled out to state governors like yourself to combat this supposedly deadly pandemic. What fun you must be having choosing the beneficiaries of the CARES act funding you’ve, er, sorry, the state received. I mean wow – 1.25 billion dollars is a lot of cabbage – think of the possibilities! The temptation for influence peddling must be downright irresistible!

In case you were wondering Governor, I’m no Trump supporter, so don’t assume my critique of your leadership is politically motivated. Indeed, if Trump hadn’t declared a national emergency, a CARES act would not exist and state governors like yourself would have had to fend for themselves in navigating this supposedly deadly pandemic. But in theory that’s how federalism is supposed to work though, no? If the Feds hadn’t provided the cash flow to keep the private sector afloat, I seriously doubt you would have shut down the Montana economy like you did, leaving countless Montana citizens and businesses financially destitute; that would have been political suicide, right?

Regardless, here we are, each and everyone of us trying to make the best of things, tiptoeing through the COVID-19 minefield you’ve created with your emergency declaration. And with said declaration still in place and an allegedly deadly virus yet to be vanquished, I guess there’s just not any time available right now for worrying about collateral damage. That can happen later, after those who’ve inflicted it are no longer in office – including you, Governor!

But before we proceed further, a brief recap of the last 9 months is in order. Not long after a national emergency was declared way back in March, you and a majority of the governors of these United States decided drastic and immediate action was needed because people were dropping like flies in the streets, bodies were piling up everywhere, hospitals and morgues were overflowing, and even the cemeteries are still struggling to get caught up and find space to bury the dead. At least that’s what you, local authorities, and the media were and are still telling us. But gosh, I would assert that the facts on the ground tell a different story, Governor. I myself and the people in my social circle don’t really know of anyone who has actually gotten sick from COVID-19, let alone died. But this kind of makes sense, because here in Montana, the 603 deaths attributed to COVID-19 represent only .06% of the state population! And considering that – as I mentioned earlier, the CDC has stated that of all the recorded deaths attributed to COVID-19 only 6% were caused by COVID-19 alone, the fatality count in Montana now drops to 36, which is just .003% of the population. But regardless of which number you want to hang your hat on, Governor, what’s the deal? Is this really a deadly pandemic? Sure doesn’t seem like it to me. And how clever of you to declare an open-ended state of emergency that remains in effect on the same timeline as President Trump’s! Putting aside the constitutionality of such a maneuver, I can only assume you did this to avoid having to answer to those annoying critics who would question the need to renew a continually expiring emergency declaration in the face of very strong evidence that no emergency currently exists, and perhaps never did.

But regardless, wouldn’t it be a far better option to simply get the Montana state legislature to pass actual laws to backstop the mandates and other directives your office has put forward? I mean, if this is a real emergency we need to provide law enforcement the legal authority to start rounding up and arresting Montana citizens who are not taking your COVID-19 mandates and directives seriously, right? People’s lives are at risk! Where are the laws to ensure we all toe the line for the common good? But, I guess lack of legislative action is par for the course, though, because as far as I can tell, none of the other 49 state legislatures in these United States have passed any COVID-19 laws, either. I wonder why this is? Could it be that individual state legislators would prefer not to attach their names to laws that penalize or even imprison citizens based on vague, unsubstantiated COVID-19 “science”? Could it be that more than a few of those citizens who might be arrested for breaking said laws might not hesitate to challenge the state’s case in front of a jury of their peers? Believe me, any competent defense attorney could wreak havoc on the state’s claim that COVID-19 is a provably unique threat deserving of the draconian measures that have been put in place. Frankly Governor, despite what the mainstream claims, you don’t have to drill down too deeply into the COVID-19 “science” to discover it’s really not legitimate science at all.

Moving on, the term “essential business” puzzles me too, Governor. Normally a business is owned and run by one or more people and it typical serves as a means for said people to make a living in order to, you know, feed themselves and their families, maintain a roof over their heads, and so on. Of course these same businesses often employ lots of other people giving them a means to also earn a living and feed themselves and their families and stuff like that. Thus given the “essential” needs satisfied by businesses large and small, aren’t they all then by definition, well, “essential”? And just one more thing, Governor; supposedly the reasoning behind your COVID-19 mandates and directives is to “save lives”, but if that’s the case, why are abortion clinics also deemed “essential”? This stuff makes no sense, Governor.

But anyway, it is what it is and now according to the faithfully fear mongering media the dreaded “second wave” has arrived with COVID-19 case counts exploding. But again we need to step back and apply some perspective here, Governor. A well-informed person like yourself must know that the inventor of the PCR “test” himself (now deceased) as well as countless experts in the fields of epidemiology, virology, and medicine have stated on the record that it is simply not a reliable means for diagnosing viral infections. And given that the PCR “test” as it’s currently conducted produces a COVID-19 false positive rate of over 90%, all purported “waves” of this killer COVID-19 pandemic are in reality just waves of entirely meaningless test results. Further, the PCR test is incapable of definitively distinguishing the genetic fragment of one virus from another. This means that someone who comes down with the sniffles or a cough or a cold or the flu will more than likely test positive for COVID-19 when in reality they simply just have the sniffles or a cough or a cold or the flu. Of course under normal circumstances this would be no big deal but alas, nowadays a positive COVID-19 test immediately triggers needless quarantines, lockdowns, school and university disruptions, event cancellations, business closures, and general overall panic; all for what is most likely just a case of, well, the sniffles, a cough, or a cold, or the flu. Indeed, one could reasonably make the case that COVID-19 is just another variation of the common Coronavirus which has been intentionally and cleverly rebranded as some unique and deadly pathogen which will now pose a health threat to the population every flu season, just as its predecessors have since the dawn of time. The big difference now is that they can, on an annual basis, use what was previously known as “the cold and flu season” as grounds for denying us common folk our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Doesn’t this kind of freak you out, Governor? It’s so…Orwellian, dystopian, so…un-American.

So Governor, given the overwhelming amount of evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic is not only not deadly but not even a certified pandemic, don’t you think it prudent to assemble a commission to review said evidence and consider withdrawing your emergency declaration? Federalism still exists, right Governor? I mean, say what you will about Trump, but he has made it clear that each state has the right to manage this pandemic as it sees fit. What are you waiting for? This “emergency” you’ve declared continues with no end in sight – how much longer must Montanans suffer?

But let’s get right down to it, Governor; sadly it appears all of these nonsensical actions you’ve taken are not in the interest of fighting an actual, deadly pandemic but are instead in response to some set of orders issued by an unknown authority higher up in the national or perhaps international power structure. Indeed, city and state economies across the nation are getting destroyed by the actions taken by their mayors and governors, and it appears they are all following the same script. I mean c’mon, just consider New York City as one troubling example. This most iconic American city with its storied history and diverse peoples, cultures, businesses, art, and entertainment is literally collapsing right before our eyes due to the insane policies handed down by both its mayor and the state governor. If these political “leaders” were truly caring servants of the people it’s highly unlikely they would issue these obviously destructive COVID-19 directives and mandates which are now causing such untold misery and despair within their jurisdictions.

Clearly there’s a larger agenda at play here, Governor; who do you really answer to?

It goes without saying that I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes right now, Governor; especially in a spiritual sense. Continually lying to those who’ve put their complete faith in your leadership tends to eat away at the soul, slowly but surely, day after day. But the good news Governor is that life generally offers an abundance of opportunities to redeem oneself. We as human beings all have our faults and we are all guilty of making poor choices from time to time which ultimately demand repentance and reconciliation in order for us to make amends with those we’ve harmed, heal ourselves spiritually, and ultimately glorify our creator.

So what’s it going to be Governor, are you going to continue bluffing your way through this game of COVID-19 poker or will you finally show us your cards? The future of your state and its residents hangs in the balance.



P.S. For what it’s worth, Senators Daines and Tester and Congressman Gianforte don’t get a pass here either, as they’ve been standing silently by watching their state swirl the drain, too.

cc: Governor-elect Gianforte

Tom Hanx