Conspiracies: Always Follow the Money…

If you’ve read most of the material on this site, by now you are possibly thinking “ok, this Covid-19 counter-narrative is pretty convincing, but there’s no way they could get all of these hospitals, doctors, nurses, government agencies, and so on to collaborate at this scale – it is way too complex and there would be leaks – people would talk.”

First of all, you have to realize that everyone has a price. Everyone. If you were told your job required you to support a narrative you personally knew was dishonest if not outright fraudulent, would you really speak out? What if it meant the end of your career in your field or the loss of your business? What if it meant you would no longer have a steady income to feed your family? What if it meant a loss of standing in your social circles or community? But forget about all that…how about this:

What if the money is just too good to pass up?

The CARES act has rewarded big taxpayer dollar payouts to hospitals. Virtually every hospital in the United States is compensated for every diagnosed Covid-19 case they treat, with varying amounts based on the procedures used and patient outcomes. In fact, virtually any business related to health care in any capacity qualifies for CARES act taxpayer dollars.

Let’s take the state of Montana as an example. For every confirmed Covid-19 case they treat, Montana hospitals receive $315,000.00. That’s a pretty good incentive to test and treat as many people as possible for Covid-19. You can view the provider compensation records directly on the HHS website. In total, over 382 million dollars has been paid out to medical service providers in Montana.

How about private businesses? They have also been offered PPP and/or CARES act funding in order to stay afloat during and after the Covid-19 “pandemic”. This monetary assistance comes in the form of grants or small business loans. You can see all of the private businesses receiving CARES act or PPP relief funds at the SBA website. Of course many if not most small businesses did not or will not receive enough funds to recover from the economic damage inflicted by the mandates handed down by their state governors. Since all of this federal money is managed and disbursed by each state, politicians – the governors in particular, ultimately dictate who gets funded and how much. Needless to say, corruption and graft rule the day as the politically connected will receive the bulk of these taxpayer-funded bailouts while the smaller businesses who lack political clout get a mere pittance. As we’ve stated before, it’s our opinion that the destruction of the small business sector and what’s left of the middle class is not happening by accident. The longer this Covid-19 “pandemic” drags on, more and more “mom & pop” small businesses will go under, and the jobs they provide will disappear along with them.

“Each man has his price Bob
And yours was pretty low”

– From the Roger Waters album “Amused to Death”

Tom Hanx