Fauci the Fraud

Ah yes – Anthony Fauci, the affable, fatherly, smooth talking NIH epidemiologist courageously leading the fight against Covid-19. Here is the good doctor attending a baseball game in the summer of 2020:

Dr Fauci Demonstrating Social Distancing
and How to Wear a Mask

This sage of the killer virus circuit has been around a long time – the longest serving and highest paid civil servant in the US Federal Government. Fauci appeared on the scene over 40 years ago, cutting his teeth on the AIDS virus. After understanding his pivotal role in that disaster, you’ll likely think twice before believing anything he says about Covid-19. In fact, you might end up wondering – like we are, why “Dr” Anthony Fauci isn’t already in prison.

You can learn more about Fauci’s early years in this podcast (NOTE: this may take a few moments to load):

This is the video referred to in the podcast:

And here is Dr. Kerry Mullis, Nobel prize winner for his invention of PCR, also claiming that Fauci is an outright fraud:


Ironic that PCR has been hijacked by Fauci and his minions and used improperly as a diagnostic tool for detecting disease, including of course COVID-19. Is this Fauci’s revenge against Mullis (now deceased, conveniently)? As we now know, the exploding COVID-19 case counts are completely meaningless but are being used anyway to justify the ongoing illegal actions taken by the state in order to “slow the spread” of what, exactly?

Tom Hanx