It’s Not About a Virus, Part II

When the average, obedient, well-meaning citizen of the state is asked to consider the idea that perhaps the Covid-19 pandemic is at best “just the flu, bro” and at worst an outright fiction, some combination of indignation, anger, or ridicule is a typical response. This is understandable, because there are powerful psychological forces at work here, nurtured by a lifetime of propaganda-driven conditioning of the mind that tends to trap one into a very rigid view of the world. Indeed, The Matrix was not just a movie, but an allegorical depiction of the here and now. Are we actually living in a computer simulation? Well, there certainly have been a lot of so-called experts in recent years pushing the idea that life is just a hologram, but this is just another example of how the powers that be attempt to stir your mind and keep you confused. No, we aren’t living in a computer simulation, but many might as well be, given how little critical thinking they apply in their everyday lives. Lack of critical thought leaves one mired in the status quo, a life on autopilot, a slave to the system.

And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system
that they will fight to protect it

Morpheus  (from The Matrix)

Now when we seek to make sense of sweeping, consequential events like Covid-19 it’s important to always ask the question “cui bono?”, or “who benefits?“. One doesn’t have to dig too deeply to discover that there are indeed many aspects of the Covid-19 response that will benefit a large number of government agencies, corporations, and international organizations. However, it is our opinion that the primary purpose of the Covid-19 “pandemic” was to trigger the controlled demolition of mainly the western economies and the fiat currency systems they are built upon. This will usher in a centrally controlled, global digital currency system administered by a technocratic world governing body. In fact it’s quite easy to prove that the overt installation of a world government system has always been the goal of those of the billionaire and trillionaire class and has been subtly yet publicly implied countless times for countless generations now. We use the term “overt” because it’s our assertion that civilization has been subject to the whims of a covert world government for thousands of years now. Indeed, this idea informs most if not all of the claims we make on this site – virtually none of the seemingly random crises, calamities, crimes, and outrages you have witnessed throughout your life are in fact due to happenstance; it’s all carefully scripted in order to keep your mind spinning and your attention misdirected away from those ultimately responsible for the misery and injustice in this world.

But let’s redirect our focus back to the specifics of Covid-19. Here is a brief laundry list of its tactical objectives, which we will discuss in more detail throughout this site:

  • Fraudulently hype case and mortality statistics to turn a variation of the common SARS virus into a world wide pandemic in order to maintain the masses in a constant state of fear, making them easier to control and manipulate.
  • Declare social distancing and lock down mandates to keep the masses from assembling, communicating, and protesting against the state for its outright violations of their constitutional rights.
  • Mandate face masks in order to put a visible “face” on an invisible threat. Masks also serve to dehumanize and make one weaker and sicker from hypoxia and other side effects caused by their extended use.
  • Destroy small businesses which will ultimately be replaced by multi-national corporations. This will accelerate the demise of the main street economy and the middle class.
  • Loot national treasuries via emergency relief packages such as the CARES act. Not only does this enrich the connected and corrupt, it also significantly increases the already unsustainable national debt sentencing the common man to a lifetime of debt servitude.
  • Institute government-mandated vaccination programs and assorted other allopathic remedies that make “Big Pharma” and the medical industrial complex bigger, richer, and even more powerful.
  • Ban the use of physical cash, in particular the US dollar. If you think the banks own you now, imagine what it will be like when they assume complete control over every transaction you make. A cashless society is a totalitarian dream.

This is by no means a complete list – the state’s response to Covid-19 impacts virtually everyone, but the effects vary widely based on each individual’s personal situation. Meanwhile, let’s take a deeper look at some of the major Covid-19 themes:


The media-fueled fear and panic over a deadly virus has tricked the general population into voluntarily sacrificing their God-given, constitutionally protected freedoms. In fact, the state effortlessly implemented draconian controls over its citizens without resorting to physical force, coercion, or passing any laws. But we’ve seen such government overreach in response to alleged threats unfold countless times in the past. For example, most US citizens have no idea how much of their rights were virtually stolen from them through the measures taken by the state in response to the 9/11 attacks twenty years ago. Actions like the Patriot Act effectively destroyed the idea of “innocent until proven guilty”, classifying each and everyone of us as terrorist suspects by default. Now with Covid-19, the state has deemed us all bio-terrorists by default, assumed to be carriers of the dreaded SARS-Cov-2 virus until proven otherwise. Citizens have been provoked into now looking at each other with suspicion – is my neighbor, friend, coworker, etc. infectious? Better safe than sorry – we must remain locked down and otherwise socially distant at all costs! Again, humans are social creatures – we depend on social and physical contact in order to sustain our mental, emotional, and ultimately physical health. For this and other related causes the measures mandated by the state are literally killing us, and yet the majority continue to meekly obey.

Tracking, Tracing, and Surveillance

The surveillance state has gone into overdrive using our smart phones and other electronic means to monitor, trace, and track in the name of controlling the spread of Covid-19. Tragically, this has also led to the rise of the citizen-snitch, where people feel it is their duty to rat on their fellow citizens who are not adhering to social distancing, masks, and other assorted state-sanctioned human rights violations. These busybodies are now jokingly referred to as “Karens”, but we’d prefer the more fitting title “Chekist” – a member of the old Soviet Cheka secret police infamous for spying on and ratting out Soviet citizens to authorities. Seriously, is this what we’ve come to in the land of the free and the home of the brave – paranoid people reduced to snitching on their fellow citizens and treating them like biohazards? Is this the world we want to leave to our children?

Destroy Small Businesses and Accelerate the Demise of the Middle Class

Small businesses are being wiped out due to their (voluntary) compliance with the lock down mandates handed down by state governors. This has enabled giant corporations to further expand and increase profits as they fill the void left behind with each small business failure. And given that small businesses are the largest employers in the US, their destruction directly impacts the middle class as more people fall below the poverty line and become increasingly dependent on government welfare programs. Of course increased dependence on the state increases its power and control over its dependents, who can then be manipulated and molded into subservient “citizen subjects”.

Accelerate the Destruction of the Family Unit

This theme is a bit more nuanced so bear with us here. Given the ongoing assault on heterosexual relationships using “men are pigs” type projects along with the deliberate elevation and glorification of same sex relationships, transgenderism, and other alternative “lifestyle choices”, Covid-19 social distancing measures have only accelerated the growing divide between single men and women who normally should be out searching for, discovering, and ultimately establishing meaningful relationships leading to marriage and family formation. Lonely and now isolated people fill the emptiness in their lives through consumerism, pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, and other assorted empty pleasures and distractions. Meanwhile, existing families who are now struggling with job losses, school closures and restrictions, loss of communal activities and gatherings, and a general breakdown of the social contract are suffering from increased incidences of bankruptcy, domestic abuse, and divorce. Loneliness and isolation also has triggered a dramatic increase in the suicide rate. Again, all of these social pathologies serve to meet the overarching goal of the eugenics movement: fewer families, fewer births, fewer people.

Anyway, there are countless opinions and information sources out on the internets about the Covid-19 agenda, but this one provides a particularly convincing deconstruction:

Meanwhile, here is a short video from the World Economic Forum itself telling us how the future is going to be all sweetness and light:

The Corbett Report dives further into the World Economic Forum’s plan for the “Great Reset”.

Just these sources alone make it clear that many of the conspiracy theories you’ve been advised to immediately reject if not ridicule over the years are indeed no longer theoretical but are in fact openly promoted by the powers that shouldn’t be.

There is much, much more to discuss regarding the Covid-19 agenda but this will do for now, as there are more urgent topics to cover including the one we will focus on in our next post: these hideous, dehumanizing masks.

Tom Hanx