If you approach the information on this site with an open mind, you might come away with a new appreciation for (or disappointment in) how the world really works. It is critical, however, that YOU spend the time and effort necessary to educate yourself, especially when it comes to the serious matters of your and your loved one’s physical and mental health, topics which of course are front and center on the world stage right now. NEVER accept information provided by second-hand sources at face value, including not only the information provided by THIS site, but also the information coming from your local and national “leaders”, all forms of media, and other assorted “authorities”.

Many if not most people are so emotionally invested in their own perceptions of the truth – which have been programmed in all of us from the time we were able to comprehend the spoken and written word, that they will reflexively reject any narratives that run counter to them. Indeed, those in the business of promoting misinformation and misdirection rely on the majority to remain mired in a perpetual state of denial or cognitive dissonance. The only way to break free from what is, in effect, a mind cage, is to set aside “conventional wisdom” and, most importantly, convince oneself that there is no shame in questioning the status quo. As a word of caution, this deliberate change in one’s thinking should probably not be shared with others, at least initially. This is because you will find that people, even those very close to you, might immediately ostracize you if they feel you are threatening their world view and their emotional security that depends on it. Critics will engage in ridicule – labeling you as a kook, a “conspiracy theorist”, or similar insults. Only until you’ve convinced yourself of a given truth should you attempt to reveal it to others. But, in the end, spreading the truth is always the goal.

Given the extraordinary and unprecedented times we currently live in, it is now more important than ever to sharpen one’s truth-seeking skills as we now turn our focus on Covid-19, the crisis de jour.

Tom Hanx